Audio system chip selection of a number of performance …

System design is a complex process, not only with the use of ICs, but also a lot of details to consider. This article uses a high-fidelity music playback system as an example to introduce how to select chips to build a system that meets market needs. This article refers to the address: http:// ----more

ZTE will introduce Qualcomm’s 28nm chip as a high-end…

On June 25th, in order to demonstrate its resolve to enter high-end mobile phones, Zhai Yulun, chief technology officer of ZTE's mobile phone system, disclosed that ZTE will not only increase the allocation of the thousand yuan smart phone, but will also introduce the first high-pass 2 ----more

Lunda Electronics Releases LED Dimmable Lighting Produc…

Lunda Electronics participated in Taipei Lighting Week LED Lighting Taiwan 2012 exhibition, will be the first time in Taiwan to display a number of new products, including adjustable light panel lights, PAR lamps and downlight series, large flat panel lamps, a new generation of light tubes ----more

Briefing on lighting presets for campus playgrounds

In addition to the horizontal illumination, there are also vertical illumination, site illumination uniformity, color rendering index, electricity economy and other indications are also good or better. In addition, if the main stadium lighting mainly uses high-pressure gas discharge ----more

Nationalchip ABS-S Live Satellite Set Top Box Solution

The direct broadcast satellite system ABS-S is a new generation satellite digital TV transmission system with Chinese independent standards. Nationalchip has been approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to develop the ABS-S demodulation chip (GX1121). In order to shorte ----more

Design of Laser Drive Power Supply Based on CPLD

1 Introduction Laser processing mainly uses CO: laser beam to focus on the surface of the material to melt the material, while blowing the melted material with a compressed gas coaxial with the laser beam to complete the cutting of the desired trajectory pattern or the engrav ----more

Dongjing Electronics cooperated with Korean company CTL…

Zhejiang Dongjing Electronics Co., Ltd. announced that the company's board of directors passed a resolution to establish a Sino-foreign joint venture "Zhejiang Dongjing Bolante Optoelectronics Co., Ltd." with the foreign shareholder Korea CTLab Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Jinhua. It is rep ----more