Hotel LED lighting transformation facing short board

Every time it comes to the difficulties encountered in the application and promotion of LED lighting products, the “high cost” factor is a cliché among many insiders. For the short board of LED lighting in the hotel transformation, Xu Qingliu believes that the biggest proble ----more

Evolution of ROHM Wireless LAN Module Technology

Foreword The ROHM Group has a variety of wireless communication technologies, including wireless LAN-led Bluetooth, ZigBee, and technologies such as specific low-power wireless for the 920MHz band that was opened in July 2012 in Japan. By integrating technology with LAPIS Se ----more

Lehman Optoelectronics' initial announcement clarif…

[High-tech LED reporter / Wang Cairong] On the afternoon of January 17, Lehman Optoelectronics (300162.SZ) issued a joint rights declaration issued by Shenzhen Lixiang Huike, Lian Teng Group, Corrent Optoelectronics and Decolor Optoelectronics. ) Formally make an official response. The "Clari ----more

Discussion on distortion of pwm signal through pc817b o…

Ok, now let's talk about the distortion of the pwm waveform through the pc817b optocoupler. As shown below: Circuit diagram after distortion after optocoupler Waveform after distortion after optocoupler Ok, the above is the question, now we begin to discuss and teach yo ----more

Home appliance business layout New Year market

Last year, the home appliances industry was downhill due to the impact of the market. In the past year, it seems that all external factors have caused the home appliance industry to become "passive." In the face of severe challenges, all home appliance companies have also gone he ----more

IDC predicts that China's smartphone shipments will…

International market research organization IDC released a report on the 17th that in 2013 China's overall mobile phone market shipments will reach 380 million, an increase of 5%; of which smart phone shipments will reach 300 million, an increase of 44%. The IDC report pointed out that ----more

What does ed2K mean? what's the effect

Speaking of ed2k, ed2k is a file-sharing network. Its English name is “eDonkey2000 network”. It was previously applied to applications such as movies, music, and software. Like most shared files, it is distributed on the network. Files are stored on the user's computer base ----more