Dongjing Electronics cooperated with Korean company CTLab to build a joint venture company with US$8 million

Zhejiang Dongjing Electronics Co., Ltd. announced that the company's board of directors passed a resolution to establish a Sino-foreign joint venture "Zhejiang Dongjing Bolante Optoelectronics Co., Ltd." with the foreign shareholder Korea CTLab Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Jinhua.

It is reported that the joint venture has a total investment of 8 million US dollars and a registered capital of 8 million US dollars. Among them: Dongjing Electronics invested US$7.2 million in RMB cash, accounting for 90% of the registered capital; foreign shareholder Korea CTLab Co., Ltd. invested US$800,000 in its own proprietary technology of LED graphic sapphire substrate. 10% of the registered capital.

The joint venture's business scope includes LED related materials, equipment production and sales; LED packaging, modules, lighting and other related products production and sales; semiconductor industry packaging, modules and other related products production and sales; supply and sales of LEDs and semiconductors Industry related technologies and services.

After the establishment of the joint venture company, it will be committed to creating a high-quality PSS high-efficiency graphic sapphire substrate production base and R&D center in China, using advanced technology and management methods to manufacture and sell high-quality products, enhancing market competitiveness and achieving good results. The economic benefits are for the purpose.

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