Internal and external control fence installation instructions

Main material:
LED guardrail light; guardrail light installation clip, waterproof transformer, LED guardrail light main controller, LED guardrail light sub-controller,
Auxiliary materials:
Male and female plugs, super five types of cable, two core power cord, self-tapping screws, rubber pellets, etc.
LED external control guardrail light installation steps:
The first step: first install the LED guardrail light on the wall: punch the wall, install the expansion screw, and then install the LED guardrail light, lock it with self-tapping screws; the distance between the guardrail lights is according to the customer's requirements. Fixed; generally between 1CM and 3CM.
The second step: then the signal line and the power line of the LED guardrail light are docked together, the signal line is generally a four-core or five-core also has a two-core male and female plug; the power line is a two-core male and female plug;
The third step: install the power supply (transformer or switching power supply);
According to the power of the transformer and the power of the guardrail lamp, calculate how many guardrail lights can be carried in each transformer; for example, the 108-color LED colorful guardrail light is 10W/M; the 144-lamp LED guardrail light is 12W/M; if 400W waterproof The transformer can be equipped with 108 lamps and 36M tubes; for 144 lamps with 32 M tubes. If the transformer can be equipped with a 36M tube; the transformer is placed between the 18th and the 19th, and the two lines are taken out, with 18 on each side.
Note: 1. The transformer generally only uses 80% to 90% of the power;
2. Regardless of the power of the transformer, the tube connected to each side should not exceed 25M; because the power supply wire has power loss; the lower the brightness of the LED guardrail light to the rear;
The fourth step: the installation of the LED guardrail light controller;
First install the sub-controller, directly connect the sub-controller to the LED guardrail lamp; there are generally three outlet ends at both ends of the sub-controller. One end of the sub-controller is generally connected to the power supply line 24V or 12V. Note that this power supply line is only the sub-controller. For power supply, the power supply of the guardrail tube should be additionally connected. The other two terminals at the other end are the signal lines input from the main controller, and the other is the signal line of the output of the guardrail tube. Which control unit will mark the main control on the sub-controller. Which one is connected to the control!
The signal is connected to the signal (five-core male and female plug), the power supply is connected to the power supply (two-core male and female plug); then the sub-controller is connected with the signal of the main controller. If the distance between the sub-control and the main control is far away, the super five can be used. Class network cable is connected, so the signal is better; each sub-control can only have a fixed number of LED digital tubes , generally can be brought to 100M; when making the building contour, each sub-control belt has one way; the specific situation is based on the LED renderings Installation (the manufacturer will help you calculate how much sub-control, how to take each sub-control, generally have installation drawings). The sub-control and the main control are also connected by a super five-wire network cable; the network cables are all eight lines, and the male and female signal plugs are connected with the network cable, and are now connected to the sub-control; the signal lines between the digital tubes of different loops are required. disconnect.
The fifth step: power, signal.
Connect all the transformers to a 220V main power supply, then use an air switch and time switch;
Control the LED digital tube (LED guardrail light) to be uniformly energized; then plug the plug on the main controller into the 220V power supply.
LED internal control monochrome constant light guardrail tube installation:
The monochrome guardrail tube can be directly connected to the voltage of the guardrail tube. The installation of the inner control guardrail light is directly connected to the corresponding power supply. It is also mentioned here that the internal control number LED guardrail light is installed: the internal control number guardrail light Installation must be done one by one in the order of the tubes; if not installed in order, the overall out-of-sync phenomenon will occur. The internal control and internal control number guardrail tube must be energized at the same time to ensure the synchronization effect is synchronized! The low voltage must be connected to the transformer or switching power supply, and the transformer or switching power supply is installed in the middle of the guardrail tube, so that the effect of the guardrail tube will be more uniform!

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