Meter reading wireless transmission application


With the development of society, various pipe networks (heat, water, electricity, oil, gas, etc.) are more and more. The collection and timely transmission of pipe network measurement points is a guarantee for stable and reliable operation of the pipe network. The network monitoring system must be able to provide timely and accurate information at a lower cost. However, in the process of use, the inadequacies of traditional wired and wireless pipe network monitoring systems have gradually emerged. The use of telephone lines to transmit data does not guarantee real-time performance; the use of radio stations to resolve the contradiction between bit error rate and baud rate, especially anti-interference, is a headache; using dedicated lines, it is impossible to collect data for all large areas. The sub-station is laid on a dedicated line, and it cannot bear the high operating costs.

In response to these problems, the advanced and mature DTU module is used as the remote data transmission module, relying on the stable and reliable GPRS/CDMA network, and the system operation cost is also reduced to the minimum under the premise of ensuring the timely and accurate data transmission; It is maintained by a professional operator, which avoids the user's use of the monitoring system and also requires a lot of effort to maintain communication lines and other issues; saving the initial construction investment and operation and maintenance costs of the user.

System topology diagram:

System topology

The wireless data acquisition system is an integrated system integrating computer technology, communication technology and data acquisition technology. The data is collected by the data collector, and transmitted to the data service center by using the communication interface and the transmission device to realize the terminal. Comprehensive monitoring.

The wireless data transmission system based on GPRS/CDMA network is mainly composed of three parts:

1) Terminal data acquisition device and wireless data terminal DTU

2) Transmission network: wireless networks such as GPRS/CDMA/EDGE;

3) Data service center: real-time data transceiver server, real-time database server and user control operation interface.

System Features:

1) Support multiple access modes such as private line access, ADSL dial-up connection (dynamic public IP address), and fixed public IP connection.

2) Supports multiple data transmission modes of always-on mode, timed transmission mode, central call mode (round robin mode) and data trigger mode lamp.

3) DTU equipment is a data interface equipment based on wireless network, conforms to IS-95A, IS-95B GPRS air interface standard, and directly connects with industrial application equipment through RS232 or RS485 serial port. Plug and play, easy to connect, can be set up in the data center and on-site.

typical application:

Electric energy metering is an important part of modern power marketing system. Traditional power billing relies on manual and regular data to be copied on site. There are many shortcomings in real-time, accuracy and application. The combination of modern communication technology and computer technology and electrical energy measurement technology can reflect the use of electricity in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner.

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