Talking about the pros and cons of COB ceiling light

The biggest advantage of COB ceiling lamp is that it is beautiful in appearance, low in price, low in requirements on light source and optical design, and relatively simple in structure, but it has many disadvantages. Firstly, it is not dustproof on the structure. The second biggest problem is the angle of illumination. Do not be small.
Everyone knows that the main indicator of spotlights is illumination. Unless the reflector cup is very large, it is difficult to achieve less than 20 degrees, usually more than 30 degrees, so the central illumination is low, and the light extraction rate is also low compared to the lens. Because of the use of the reflective cup, the anti-glare effect is weak, so the anti-glare effect will not be too good. In terms of light color quality, COB is an integrated light source, and the consistency of color temperature is difficult to achieve. For spotlights that require high-quality light, the difference in color temperature at a place is also a fatal flaw. In addition, for high-power lamps that are difficult to dissipate heat, since the reflector cup occupies a much larger volume than the lens, it affects the overall heat dissipation effect. Of course, in the choice of household lighting fixtures with high cost pressure, the use of COB ceiling lamps is also a good choice.

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