Funding challenges constrain the long-term transformation of LED lighting companies

In Bao'an District of Shenzhen, a company that is jointly funded and established by three small and micro enterprises and is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of LED packaging equipment was established in only two short years. The LED production equipment they produce can sell 80,000 to 120,000, which is half the price compared with other foreign products of the same type. It sold more than 100 units last year, and it has already invested 3 million in the early stage and invested 6 million in the follow-up. Due to the limited investment in self-owned capital, the strength of the company will be prominent once it is faced with big customers.

Liu Chuanming, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Gaoshang Energy Technology Co., Ltd., told the author: The strength of funds is mainly because of this investment, 50% of the components must be bought back from Japan, 50% of the cash must be mated out, and the mat has to go out for three months. (period) must be withdrawn within 3 or 4 months.

Zhang Shengrong, chairman of Shenzhen Zhongzhengxin Technology Development Co., Ltd., told the author: The biggest one is that we must achieve mass production. Now, if we want to mass-produce, this is a question of funding.

During the interview, the author learned that Mr. Huang is one of the shareholders of this partnership company. Mr. Huang has been engaged in the processing and production of mobile phone accessories for 10 years. He is one of the earliest companies engaged in the production of mobile phone accessories in Shenzhen. When I asked him why he had to focus on new industries that were not familiar with him, Mr. Huang first brought the writer to a warehouse full of molds in his old factory.

Huang Haiqiang, chairman of Shenzhen Shengcheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd., told the author: These are the scrapped molds, which are basically products of previous years.

Mr. Huang told the author that with the downturn in the mobile phone industry, his company is now struggling. At present, it can only minimize the production scale. At the same time, he began to actively transform and develop new products two years ago. Together with two other small business owners, he set up the new company to develop and produce LED packaging equipment.

Huang Haiqiang, chairman of Shenzhen Tong Sheng Cheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd.: To the people who understand, to manage, everyone is to be a shareholder, so that anti-risk (capability) can be improved, but also to enable companies to emerge from the predicament, but also be able to transition.

Lin Xiaohui, chairman of Shenzhen Guojijia Investment Development Co., Ltd., told the author: We currently have a lot of orders, but we dare not pick them up. This means that if we haven’t made any money platform, we can’t survive and dare not take the next step. .

Mr. Huang told the author that he currently pays 10 million yuan for a five-year light field lease. In addition to the increase in costs in recent years, the benefits are not good and the situation is currently difficult.

Huang Haiqiang told the author: Can we use government policies and some of the bank's quota funds and some of the company's investment, and free enterprises to do some small businesses like homes, engage in some industrial parks that are inhabited, and the government gives a fund pool to live in. , To support the Association, the government, by the business investors to give a cheap house for a few rent, cheap factory buildings.

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