LED brings safety and energy saving upgrade guarantee for tunnel lighting

LED brings safety and energy saving upgrade guarantee for tunnel lighting The “Twelfth Five-year Development Plan for Transportation” released by the Ministry of Transport shows that by the end of 2015, the total length of China’s highways will reach 4.5 million kilometers. Among them, the tunnel construction will also reach a new height. By the end of 2010, more than 450 highway tunnels have been built in China with a total length of more than 120 kilometers. In the wave of this tunnel construction, led lighting systems will occupy the leading position with their safety and energy-saving performance. Among them, LED long-throw tunnel lighting products represented by Philips BWP350 bring unprecedented experience for users and drivers.

With the acceleration of urban and rural road construction and urbanization in China, the quantity and quality of highway and tunnel lighting have reached a new level. In particular, along with the accelerated development of China's expressway network and the emergence of urban belts and urban agglomerations, lighting requirements such as highway tunnels and urban underwater tunnels have also begun to enter the design and planners' horizons. How to highlight driving safety, ease of maintenance, and long-term use on the premise of conforming to the requirements of the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction has become a problem that designers and engineers need to think about.

LED tunnel lighting advanced concept to improve quality

Tunnel lighting, because of its 24-hour continuous work and special emphasis on safety features, has a strong demand for new energy-saving lighting systems. With the continuous development of tunnel lighting technology, a variety of new lighting technologies represented by LEDs, warm white light, and electrodeless lamps have emerged in recent years, replacing traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps. Among them, LEDs are favored. As an energy-saving, long-life, and easy-to-use light source and system, the use of LED can not only improve the safety level, but also effectively reduce energy consumption and tunnel operating costs. Data show that only 100,000 LED tunnel lights were used in tunnel construction in China in 2010. It is believed that good social and economic effects have been achieved.

The application of LED to tunnel lighting is a comprehensive project. It is necessary not only to consider the energy-saving effect, but also to consider the brightness, uniformity, driver's visual perception and other fields. Therefore, LED tunnel lighting needs more forward-looking concept planning and guidance in order to achieve simultaneous improvement in lighting and energy saving quality. Philips supported many years of experience in tunnel lighting technology and R&D. Based on an in-depth understanding of China's roads and tunnels, it provided a new perspective for the application of LED tunnel lighting and guided the development direction of the industry.

First, achieving adequate road brightness should be a prerequisite for achieving energy savings. One-sided use of the theory of intermediate vision to emphasize the efficiency of white light in road lighting applications compared to the traditional yellow light yellow light, thereby reducing the illumination of LED lighting applications, may lay the hidden dangers for security. Illumination of the LED tunnel after the illumination is greatly reduced, the road surface brightness is low and the uniformity is poor in the lighting effect, and it is obviously unable to meet the driver's visual needs.

Secondly, the LED tunnel lighting effects should be measured using the relevant brightness criteria specified in the relevant tunnel lighting standards to achieve a harmonious light intensity and brightness uniformity for the light distribution design. Some existing LED tunnel lights are insufficient in this respect - high uniformity of illumination can be achieved during the test, but if viewed from the driver's point of view (60-160 meters away) it will be between the light fixture and the light fixture. There are obvious dark areas on the ground, and this will have a negligible impact on the safe driving of the driver; moreover, these short-throwing LEDs will increase the number of fixtures installed per unit length, which will increase the owner’s expenditure and will not be conducive to their use. LED energy saving potential.

Philips has always advocated the "people-oriented" concept to optimize and balance product performance from the perspective of operators and end users. To achieve the optimization and balance between the safety and energy saving of LED tunnel lighting, it is necessary to strictly follow the lighting application specifications, starting from product development and application design, to ensure that the LED not only can provide enough safety protection for the driver, but also can reduce the lifetime of the lamps. User cost during the period. For example, rationally designing the projection angle of the tunnel lighting on the direction of the tunnel can reduce the number of fixtures installed per unit length under the premise of satisfying the lighting standards, thereby reducing the initial investment of the owner and the purpose of the later operation and maintenance costs.

LED tunnel lighting system with full breakthrough of technical indicators

Recently, Philips introduced the BWP350 LED long-throw tunnel light system, which fully demonstrated Philips' in-depth understanding of LED tunnel lighting requirements and the level of engineering implementation. Compared with traditional street lamps represented by high-pressure sodium lamps, the BWP350 not only has excellent energy-saving effects of ordinary LEDs and can effectively reduce energy consumption and tunnel operating costs; it also has high luminous efficiency, instant start-up, long life, good color rendering, and a solid structure. With the advantages of easy dimming, etc., tunnel drivers are provided with safe lighting protection.

Safety is the top priority in the use of tunnel lighting. Philips BWP350 LED tunnel light, using a professional lens for each chip to achieve long-range light distribution characteristics of tunnel lighting, system efficiency up to 110lm / w, using the best lens design, the distance between the lens and the housing is accurate The calculation ensures that the housing itself does not block the light and provides the driver with the best lighting experience; at the same time, the BWP350 LED tunnel lighting is designed specifically for the “black hole effect” at the entrance of the tunnel and the “glare” problem at the exit to ensure driving. Safe passage.

In addition, the requirements for convenient installation and maintenance of tunnel lighting systems are also prominent. BWP350 LED tunnel luminaires are not only beautiful in appearance but also simple and easy to install and maintain. They have excellent tunnel lighting quality and the lowest maintenance cost. The modular structure design allows on-site replacement of chip modules and power supply. The IP66 protection level of the entire lamp is combined. Good thermal design achieves a high project maintenance factor. Philips BWP350 LED tunnel luminaire also uses a solid high-pressure cast aluminum extrusion aluminum lamp body, long life; at the same time, the lamp structure is strong, corrosion-resistant, anti-vibration; also has excellent dust and water performance, can effectively prevent dust Intruding and spraying water into the luminaire, ensuring safety through multiple measures.

At present, Philips' performance in the application of LED tunnel lighting has been fully affirmed by users, and a considerable number of LED products have been used in many projects such as Zhengzhou Jingsha, Shenyang Danhai, and Lanzhou City underpass tunnels. The owners reflected not only light and bright lighting effects, but also a significant drop in power consumption compared with previous lighting products. The driver also said that driving under a new street lamp feels more comfortable and secure.

In short, the Philips BWP350 LED long-throw tunnel light is based on the particularity of tunnel lighting, strictly implements the lighting application specification, and realizes a tunnel lighting product that is fully optimized for design. Its appearance will effectively change the current situation of short-throw projection LED lamps in tunnel lighting applications, thereby effectively increasing the amount of light per unit light and power, reducing the number of fixtures per unit length, helping owners reduce initial costs, and achieving overall and long-term Energy saving.

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