LED backlight knowledge

LED backlights use LEDs as backlight sources, which is the most promising technology to replace traditional cold cathode fluorescent tubes in the future. Light-emitting diodes are made up of several layers of very thin doped semiconductor materials, one with an excess of electrons and the other with electrons to form positively charged holes. When working, current flows through, electrons and holes combine with each other. The energy is released in the form of light radiation. Light-emitting diodes of different luminescent properties can be obtained by using different semiconductor materials.
Light-emitting diodes that have been put into commercial use can provide red, green, blue, cyan, orange, amber, white and other colors, and the color gamut is also very wide, which can reach 105% of the NTSC color gamut, which provides color improvement for LCD TVs. Guarantee. At SID2005 in Boston in May this year, LG-Philips has demonstrated 42-inch LED-backlit LCD TVs that use 10bit and 12bit driver ICs to display 1 billion and 68 billion colors, respectively. Sony is also optimistic about the prospects of LED backlighting. Its top-of-the-line product, the Qualia 005 LCD TV, uses Lumileds' Luxeon LED backlighting.
LED backlights used in LCD TVs can be white or red, green, and blue. In high-end products, multi-color LED backlights can also be used to further enhance color performance. For example, Mitsubishi Electric released it on SID2005. A liquid crystal display using a six primary color LED backlight source. LCD TVs with LED backlights are approximately 5 cm thick and are slightly thinner than conventional LCD TVs.
The brightness of the early LED backlight source was slightly worse than that of the cold fluorescent tube, and the contrast that can be achieved is only at a normal level. However, at SID2005, LG-Philips demonstrated an ultra-high contrast 47-inch LCD TV with LED backlight source, introducing new technology on the LED backlight, dividing the LED of the entire screen into several areas, which can be controlled separately according to the displayed image signal. The amount of luminescence in each area.
Therefore, the dark part of the image can be darker, the bright part can be brighter, and the contrast is improved. The sample from LG-Philips reduces the black luminous flux to 0.05 lumens and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, which is comparable to the latest plasma TVs.
Another advantage of the LED backlight source is that it has a very long life and a service life of up to 100,000 hours. If it is calculated for 5 hours per day, an LCD TV with LED backlight source can be used for nearly 55 years. In addition, it is free of mercury and has better environmental performance.
At present, the problem that restricts the development of LED backlights is mainly cost. Since the price is much higher than that of cold fluorescent tube sources, LED backlight sources can only appear in high-end LCD TVs.
Compared with LCD TVs, plasma TVs have unique advantages in terms of screen size, response time, color gamut, and viewing angle, but they are at a disadvantage in terms of pixel fineness, power consumption, and lifetime.
Although the large-screen field of 42 inches and above is almost the world of plasma TVs, with the 7.5-generation and 8-generation LCD panel factories being built and put into production in the future, the cost of large-screen LCD TVs will drop rapidly, and larger-screen LCD products will be produced. It has also come to the fore, such as Samsung has been able to produce 82-inch LCD TV panels, which has become a real threat to large-screen plasma TVs, so plasma panel manufacturers are also constantly reducing costs and improving technology to meet the challenges of LCD.

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