Cross-strait LED lighting products common specification letter of intent formally signed

On June 18, at the opening ceremony of Taipei Optoelectronics Week, the common specifications for cross-strait LED lighting products officially signed a letter of intent for mutual trust. This specification has been supported by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance and Guangdong Province.

Taiwan’s LED Lighting Industry Alliance Chairman Jane Feng Ren said that for a long time, LED lighting products lacked common specifications. When manufacturers designed products, the specifications were set in time, and the timing and technical level were not mature enough to be listed, claiming that life and light decay could not be achieved. Guaranteed, product reliability is not good, the market vicious price cut competition.

In the cross-straits OECD production and cooperation team, for the LED industry pilot cooperation, this year focused on Harbin and Shanxi Province, the Ministry of Economic Affairs officials said that Harbin will be based on LED street lights, this is the second after Xiamen Millennium LED street lights The area of ​​the pilot streetlights; Shanxi Province is the first to adopt LED indoor light bulbs (bulb light), the main historical lighting, because the LED bulbs are low-temperature cold light, compared to the traditional light bulbs, the heat is not high, will not hurt the monuments.

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