Oclaro Launches New DFB Seed Laser

Oclaro Launches New DFB Seed Laser Distributed feedback seed lasers can provide high peak output power at picosecond-level pulse conditions, allowing fiber lasers and solid-state lasers to have shorter pulse widths and more efficient frequency conversion.

San Jose, CA, May 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Oclaro, Inc. (Nasdaq: OCLR), a premier provider and innovator in optical communications and laser solutions.

The distributed feedback 1060nm laser released today is the latest in our seed laser series, designed for subnanosecond fiber lasers and solid state lasers. From May 13th to 16th 2013, at the laser show held in Munich, Germany, Oclaro will present this new distributed feedback seed laser, a series of visible and near-infrared laser products and VCSEL products and related technologies. . Visit Oclaro's booth: C1 370.

The new 10xx nm DFB laser is a single-mode laser and has a distributed feedback grating on the chip that can deliver high peak power under sub-nanosecond and picosecond pulse conditions. With a minimum pulse width of 150 ps, ​​the peak power can be up to 800 mW and the spectral width is less than 100 pm. The new 10xx nm seed lasers provide highly efficient pulse amplification and improved conversion efficiency from infrared to green and ultraviolet frequencies.

It allows users to easily expand from current nanosecond lasers to picosecond lasers. Using these short-pulse lasers can improve the quality of material processing and reduce the effect of stimulated Brillouin scattering at pulse widths greater than 10 ns.

Under continuous operating conditions, our seed laser can achieve an output power of 200 mW, a 3 dB bandwidth of 150 kHz and a side mode suppression ratio of 50 dB.

“In the rapidly-developing picosecond-grade material processing market, these systems achieve more precise machining by reducing the effects of thermal effects,” said Gunnar Stolze, vice president of marketing and sales for global industrial and consumer businesses. “We will meet with us. Our customers collaborate to use high-performance DFB seed lasers to drive applications and innovations that require shorter pulse widths."

The DFB seed lasers are based on communication standards and are butterfly-shaped packages that include thermistors and backlight monitoring detectors. The DFB chip has been verified to undergo zero failure after 8,000 hours of rigorous life testing under conditions of artificially accelerated aging.

About Oclaro

In the optical communications, industrial and consumer laser markets, Oclaro is one of the largest suppliers of lasers, optical devices, optical modules and subsystems. Oclaro is a global leader dedicated to photovoltaic innovation. The United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, South Korea and Japan all have top R&D centers and chip manufacturing bases. Production bases or foundries are located in China, Malaysia and Thailand. Sales and related service agencies are located in major regions of the world.

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