LED ceiling lamps are small and large, and space utilization is more effective.

In many lighting applications, larger sized lamps can cause inconvenience, whether it is replacement cleaning or space utilization. The smaller the size of the luminaire, the more often the lighting options are more diverse. The use of LEDs brings us A rich lighting experience. This article will introduce you to LED ceiling lights.
LED ceiling light
One advantage of the ceiling lamp is its small size and small indoor space. However, due to the limitation of the internal lamp, the ceiling lamp has certain limitations in volume. By using the LED as a light source, the structure of the ceiling lamp can be made more compact, and the limited space in the room can be better utilized.
LED ceiling light introduction
The LED ceiling lamp is an energy-saving lamp that uses LED as a light source and has a flat shape and is installed indoors and close to the ceiling.

Led Ufo High Bay light using Samsung led light source, providing excellent lumen output, long-lasting stability and splendid sight. Fins convection heat radiating design, enlarge heat radiating area, improve heat radiating efficiency and ensure safety. Thickening aluminum cover with high quality surface painting treatment and strong corrosion resistance. PMMA integrated lens enable a wide lighting area and excellent dustproof performance. Intelligent waterproof driver, rated IP65, CE qualified, with overload, undervoltage and convection protection. Led UFO High Bay light are an ideal lighting solutions for outdoor like street, dock, station, construction site etc.

Led UFO High Bay

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