Taiwan's most LED sapphire substrate factory's performance loss in 2012

Taiwan's LED upstream sapphire plant has successively announced earnings reports, among which Xingyi Ruijie's earnings per share reached 8.18 yuan (NTD, the same below), becoming the only profit in the group, Zhaoyuan lost 3.01 yuan per share, in addition, Jingmei, Xinjing drill And Jiajingke must recognize the loss of price, so the 2012 financial report is still losing money.

Ruijie is the only growing company in Sapphire for its profitable PSS processing flat film sales. In 2012, its revenue was 856 million yuan, with an annual growth of 156%, a gross profit margin of 29.39%, a growth of 12%, and a net profit of 204 million. Yuan, an annual increase of 518%, after-tax profit of 172 million yuan, an annual increase of 391%, earnings per share of 8.18 yuan, dominate the sapphire group.

Although the PSS patterned sapphire substrate products continue to fall in price, and the mainland manufacturers are actively cutting in, the operation is still under pressure in 2013, but in the large-size LED TV hot sale, the demand for backlight modules in 2013 is better than before, and the LED TV penetration rate has exceeded 90%. Due to the prosperous market, the sapphire substrate has a supporting effect, and even the price may increase in the second quarter. The performance of the substrate factory in the whole year can still be expected.

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