4.7-inch iPhone 6 "exposure" with LED backlighting

Following the last 4.7-inch iPhone6 ​​rear case some high-quality photos and a video exposure. Now, uSwitch has obtained a better photo of the finished backshell, showing that the 4.7-inch iPhone6 ​​backshell has been polished and has several physical features inside the backshell. The photo that broke today shows that the 4.7-inch iPhone6 ​​has a cleaner rear case, the interior has been ground and cleaned, and the antenna is preset at the top and bottom, separated by a non-conductive polymer.

Photographs exposed by uSwitch today show that the 4.7-inch iPhone6 ​​rear case will use an embedded Apple logo similar to the iPad, rather than the printed version used in previous iPhones, and will be supplemented with LED backlighting. This embedded logo can improve the signal quality of the 4.7-inch iPhone6.

The finished casing exposed today also shows a full range of camera holes, including a camera and a smaller flash and rear microphone, which are rounded to fit the "TrueTone" dual LED system.

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