Application of the wide-temperature industrial tablet computer PPC-1261 in the wind power industry

First, system overview

The global energy supply is tight, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent, and green and new energy have risen. Wind energy, as a renewable and clean energy source, has important practical significance for the development of wind power generation for energy structure adjustment, energy conservation and emission reduction, reduction of environmental pollution, and improvement of the ecological environment. The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy” promulgated in 2012 put forward optimized resource allocation for wind power, changed the relative concentration of geographical distribution, accelerated the development of wind power in the central and southeast, and solved problems such as access to the grid and grid operation. With the EVOC solution, three-tier monitoring systems such as fan monitoring, single wind farm monitoring, and cluster monitoring of wind farms can be easily implemented.

Second, the system description

Electric monitoring system is divided into three layers;

The first floor, on-site collection: Through the PLC or PAC collection of various equipment on-site signal, detection and control of the operation of some equipment.

The second floor, industrial computers and industrial switches: Through the industrial computer can view the operating status of the extension equipment, and the IPC can control the order of operation of the fan blades. Through industrial exchanges and electric field servers for data exchange, the use of highly reliable industrial-grade equipment can ensure the normal and stable operation of the system. Tablet PC's operating environment temperature is -25 °C ~ 60 °C, with a strong on-site adaptability. It can store data in the industrial electronic disk and the instant network is interrupted, and the collected data can also be well preserved. The whole machine adopts a low-power sealed embedded platform, which greatly improves the stability and reliability in harsh environments. Through the touch screen, you can view and change the fan's data on site.

The third floor, the wind farm server: the monitoring and control center uses the wind farm server to monitor all the fans of the wind farm at the same time, real-time display each fan state and parameters, and according to the specific air flow to control the speed of the fan, comprehensive management of the fan, real-time monitoring Store the running data.

Third, the system requirements

Most of the hurricane fields are located in places where people are sparsely populated, there is a large temperature difference between day and night, severe wind and sand, etc. The working temperature is required to be between -25 and 60°C.

Yufeng Wind Power Group generally administers several wind power generation companies and wind power generation divisions, and the management model is a multi-level management system, which is group-based.

 The electromagnetic environment of the motor control system is poor. It is necessary to monitor the product to have strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability and a long time average time between failures.

 To ensure the reliability of communications, redundant network ports, serial ports, power supply systems, and easy maintenance and operation are required.

 To ensure the security of remotely monitored data, remote management and intelligent control can be implemented.

In view of the characteristics of wind resources, how to effectively monitor wind turbines to ensure that wind farms are safe, reliable and economical is crucial.

The following parameters can be collected using the EVOC Process Monitor PPC product:

The main information of the blower: wind speed, power, power generation, power generation time, temperature, humidity

 Impeller/Variation System: Angle of blade, temperature of turbine, impeller angle

Converter/Cooling System: Temperature, Humidity

Motor/grid system: Speed, acceleration, current, voltage, frequency, power of the motor

 Yaw/Hydraulic System: Yaw Position, Wind, Wind Speed, Atmospheric Pressure

 Operating environment monitoring: Ambient temperature, humidity, cabin temperature, humidity, tower base temperature, humidity

Fourth, the system block diagram

Application Example: Hebei Zhangjiakou Wind Farm Project

  祥 宽 宽 Wide temperature type industrial PC PPC-1261 built-in configuration software to achieve the fan controller data acquisition and upload, and at the same time to achieve the local HMI function, to facilitate the operator on-site commissioning and maintenance.

 The monitoring center remotely manages and maintains the entire wind farm through a tablet computer, such as remotely optimizing fan production status, monitoring performance, troubleshooting, and generating detailed custom reports.


V. Advantages of EVOC products

The PPC-1261 is a fanless, low-power industrial tablet with a 12.1-inch industrial-grade display. It features an Intel® Atom N455 low-power processor, a rich I/O interface, and a host of high-quality solid-state capacitors on the motherboard. Inductors, low-temperature MOS transistors and other high-specification devices are suitable for harsh industrial environments and have been widely used in wind power monitoring, Solar photovoltaic equipment, rubber vulcanizer equipment, and other monitoring and control fields.

Sixth, the conclusion

Well-known wind power companies in China use EVOC PPC products and industrial-specific servers in the tower base and monitoring center of fans. EVOC industrial products can be used in more demanding environments due to their advantages of fanless design, shock resistance, dust resistance, and compactness. , effectively reduce maintenance costs. It has now successfully operated in wind farms in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Hebei, and has achieved high evaluations from owners.

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