Embedded home appliances into the industry development trend

Embedded home appliances into the industry development trend

When creating a personalized home space, home appliances and furniture are no longer separate individuals, and there is an increasing trend of convergence. Household appliances embedded in furniture, on the one hand makes the sudden presence of home appliances disappeared, so that the entire home space appears more harmonious; the other hand, furniture design to better consider the use of home appliances, so that the overall home is more reasonable and has human nature.

Household appliances home companies design together

At the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung and the world-renowned home design company B&B Italia and Arclinea jointly created and launched the “High-end Model Room.” Once the exhibition hall opened up, it attracted the attention of many participants. It is reported that the Samsung showroom fully presents a full range of high-end home appliances. In a high-end model room with a kitchen, living room, dining room and laundry room, visitors can experience all the changes brought by Samsung's high-end innovative appliances to the living room and kitchen.

It is understood that this "high-end model room" exhibition hall contains a kitchen and living room, covers an area of ​​272 square meters, the model room equipped with the latest refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, air conditioners, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and washing machines and other full set of household appliances.

As an internationally renowned home design company, Arclinea CEO Silvio Fortuna stated: “Beautiful design is no longer able to meet user needs. What we need to do is to create a practical design that everyone can enjoy from. We look forward to the future for consumption. Bring more exciting and innovative home experiences.”

The reporter recently visited a number of shops and stores in Guangzhou's overall smart kitchen, and found that currently the integrated kitchen has basically taken into consideration the position reserved for household appliances for the convenience of embedding, especially some dishwashers, microwave ovens, induction cookers, sterilizers, ovens, etc. Conventional kitchen appliances, however, are rarely seen in the design of furniture and home appliance companies.

Embedded kitchen weight

At present, the pattern of home appliances embedded in furniture is more common in kitchens and kitchens, because these home spaces have more practical appliances to be accommodated. In the past, microwave ovens, ovens, sterilizers and other small appliances were filled with kitchen countertops. The refrigerator occupies a corner, making the entire kitchen appear cluttered and affecting the appearance. Household appliances are embedded in furniture. Not only are small appliances able to “steal” cabinets, but also large appliances such as refrigerators. No longer unexpected, it can be more in line with kitchen cabinets. The industry believes that with the gradual changes in people's lifestyles and the innovative development of kitchen appliances production technology, embedded kitchen appliances that will be “stealth” will begin to appear and be welcomed by consumers, gradually entering millions of households.

Embedded appliances can form a unified style with kitchen furniture, making the space more tidy and orderly and no messy. At the same time, people are more convenient in the kitchen. It is for this reason that modern kitchen renovations have become popular in China.

Embedded kitchen appliances are not only a product model, but also an advocacy for space optimization and also a demand for modern life. Modern kitchens have a small kitchen area, and the various living appliances that modern life requires are more crowded with already small spaces. How to optimize the use of kitchen space and arrange kitchen appliances reasonably has raised a whole new topic for kitchen reform, and “embedded” has become an effective way to solve this problem.

Emphasize the more customized

Embedded not only simply embeds kitchen appliances into the whole kitchen cabinet, but it also requires a perfect match between “kitchen electricity” and “cabinet”. At the same time, the design and function of electrical appliances and electrical appliances, between cabinets and electrical appliances can also be realized. To achieve organic integration and interaction, which is the complete set of kitchen electric products.

“I like cooking more. The kitchen is something I value very much.” Miss Guangzhou, a citizen of the city, has recently purchased home products for her new home in a home shopping mall. She said that home appliances embedding furniture sounds good, “I usually use it. Those small kitchen appliances that can be scattered can be placed in a non-intrusive manner. However, "If it is your own match, it may not be so ideal in all dimensions, even if the appliances are in harmony with the furniture and the area of ​​my kitchen. And the shape of the space is not in harmony, it is difficult to pick, it is difficult to pick, "In addition, she is also more worried about the issue of heat," home appliances are embedded in furniture, such places in Guangzhou are also relatively high temperatures, if not open air-conditioning, home appliances cooling Will it not work?"

Insiders pointed out that a complete kitchen should be embodied in the perfect combination of cabinets and household appliances. It should fully consider the effective use of kitchen space, the heat dissipation of kitchen appliances, and the rational allocation of water, electricity and gas pipelines. Ideally, the situation should be tailored to the kitchen, with appliances embedded in the cupboards and just fitting in with the living room. Embedded appliances may set off yet another revolution in modern kitchens.

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