Cree LED module and COB new technology exchange meeting successfully held

2012 November 28, Cree hold "Cree LED Module with COB New Technology Seminar" in Zhongshan, Guangdong, to nearly 300 clients attended the show Career latest products, including the use of TrueWhite ® patented technology to achieve high light efficiency, high CRI LED module employing EasyWhite ® color temperature sub-file, in line with standard Zhaga source size, more space optical design and easy to use series COB.

Cree LED Module and COB New Technology Exchange Conference Held in Zhongshan, Guangdong

Dr. Liu Erzhuang, General Manager of Career China, pointed out that “leading LED lighting revolution” is the mission of Cree. Cree has been committed to providing customers with better performance and more cost-effective LED products through technological innovation to meet market demands. Customers together achieve the multiplier value of LED lighting. In particular, Cree and Qinshang Optoelectronics used 92,000 XP-G LEDs to light up the Great Hall of the People in the Great Hall of the People. The power saving rate reached 87.5% to achieve significant energy saving effect. The color rendering index reached 85.2 to achieve excellent lighting effects and light. Color quality. The lighting renovation of the chairman's hall of the Great Hall of the People was completed last year by Cree and Zhejiang Beiguang, and the power saving rate was 90.3%. The LED lighting projects of the Great Hall of the People have been tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and have been highly praised by the government leaders.

Cree LED modules achieve the dual advantages of high luminous efficiency and high color rendering index. The innovative patented white LED technology - TrueWhite ® technology, achieves excellent illumination quality and stable color consistency while achieving high luminous efficiency. The 90+ color rendering index is available in the color temperature range. Keysight LED modules are easy to use and highly integrated with drive, optics and thermal management technologies, enabling small and compact LED modules to be plug-and-play, further simplifying lighting design, reducing system cost and speeding up the launch of lighting products. At the same time, Cree LED modules have passed CQC, Energy Star, UL and other important domestic and international standards certification, which can help customers quickly bring LED lighting products to domestic and foreign markets.

Optimized to simplify design and reduce system cost, Cree offers a comprehensive range of COB products, including the latest CXA1507 / 1512 / 2520 / 2530, to meet the requirements of LED replacement lamps and commercial downlights. COB single device both high brightness, high luminous efficiency and ease of use characteristics, and can provide EasyWhite ® color temperature sub-file, only the single device can provide excellent color consistency of lighting design. The source size of the Cree COB series meets the Zhaga standard, while increasing the area between the light source and the pad to provide more optical design space, and the larger size pad improves soldering capability. For manufacturers of lighting products looking to achieve lighting-grade LED performance while simplifying LED lighting design and manufacturing, the Cree COB Series will be the ideal choice. With the innovation and development of integrated COB technology, Cree will continue to provide customers with LED devices that combine design simplicity and ease of production with higher performance, helping lighting manufacturers to quickly introduce a wide range of LED lighting products. To meet the different requirements of lighting applications.

The participating customers showed great interest in the new products presented by Cree. They conducted extensive on-site interactive communication and technical discussions with Cree technicians, and requested samples and reference designs to improve the original lighting solutions.

Participating customers and Curry technicians to conduct on-site communication

Cree will also hold LED module and COB new product technology exchange meeting in Ningbo, Zhejiang on November 30th to share the latest product and technology development of Cree with customers in East China. Career expects to take advantage of the technology exchange meeting to deepen cooperation with customers, build an interactive platform, achieve common development, and promote the popularization of LED lighting.

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