What does ed2K mean? what's the effect

What does ed2K mean? what's the effect
Speaking of ed2k, ed2k is a file-sharing network. Its English name is “eDonkey2000 network”. It was previously applied to applications such as movies, music, and software. Like most shared files, it is distributed on the network. Files are stored on the user's computer based on the P2P principle rather than stored on a hub server.

Maybe you like it back: Computer knowledge of the network ed2K file format:

eMule supports and can generate complex links.

Basic eD2k link ed2k://|file|<file name>|<file size>|<file hash>|/

An eD2k link contains the necessary file descriptions like name, size and hash to form the basic format eD2k Fragment Hash Link ed2k://|file|<file name>|<file size>|<file hash> |p=<fragment hash>|/

The complete fragment hash in the file ensures that the file is always correct and helps new rare files to be scattered.

eD2k source link ed2k://|file|<file name>|<file size>|<file hash>|/|sources, |/

Join one or more known eMule sources in the format To this link, provide an immediate source to download.

eD2k host link ed2k://|file|<file name>|<file size>|<file hash value>|/|sources,<host name:port>|/

Same as the source link but using the host name instead of the IP. Especially the change IP provides more flexibility. A host name must be set in Options -> Extensions -> Own eD2K link host name eD2k HTML link displayed in the web page name

Easily create a link to display the eD2k HTTP source link in a web page ed2k://|file|<file name>|<file size>|<file hash>|s= /File name|/

eMule can also be downloaded directly from web sources. A very useful and convenient format for web-admins.

eD2k root hash link ed2k://|file|<file name>|<file size>|<file hash>|h=<root hash>|/

Root hash link allows AICH to provide a reliable value for advanced error correction and checking

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