Electric blanket purchase and use precautions

Electric blanket purchase and use precautions Recently, heavy snows in the north have invaded, and then wind and cold winds make electric blankets, which are low in price and good in heat insulation, become popular in the market and become good companions for the cold. Although the technology of electric blankets is simple, there are indeed many precautions in the process of purchase and use. Consumers need to raise their awareness of safety and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

When you purchase electric blankets, you must first look at whether or not the electric blankets have production licenses and safety signs. The second is whether the power cords of the electric blankets and built-in heating wires (ie, electric heating elements) are too thin. Too fine to easily damage or even cause fire; The third is to see whether the surface of the electric blanket is soft and flat; The fourth is to look at the heating effect of each stall of the electric blanket and the heating rate is normal, the temperature is too high or the heating speed is too fast there is a hidden danger .

When using an electric blanket, it cannot be folded; it must not be washed. Although the electric blanket is said to be waterproof, the chemicals in the detergent may affect its performance; it cannot be in direct contact with the human body; The voltage and frequency of the power supply should be the same as the rated voltage and frequency on the electric blanket. Do not switch on electricity for a long time. Turn off the power before going to sleep. Do not use electricity when placing heavy items on the electric blanket to avoid local overheating and fire. Do not use metal products. Pierce into electric blankets to prevent short circuiting of the electric heating wires; they cannot be combined with other heating appliances.

In addition, while the electric blanket is bringing in heat, it also consumes the human body's moisture unknowingly. Therefore, the user can put a glass of water in front of the bed in case of using the electric blanket to prepare for the occasional need, and it can also be put indoors. A pot of water or through the humidifier to adjust the humidity inside the house. Although the electric blanket has a small amount of radiation, experts still recommend that people using electric blankets eat more foods that are resistant to radiation, such as tomatoes, broccoli, sesame seeds, garlic, green tea, and kelp. Among them, kelp is a nemesis of radioactive substances and can be reduced. Radiation damage to the human body.

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