Breaking the monopoly ZTE won the cloud computing project order of China Telecom

Recently, China Telecom Co. (China Telecom Co., hereinafter referred to as: China Telecom) selected ZTE as its cloud computing service provider.

According to reports, ZTE will be responsible for providing iECS server virtualization software and iRAI cloud desktop system. The server virtualization software iECS uses the industry's mature XEN and KVM virtualization technologies as the virtualization engine, integrates ZTE's carrier-grade server operating system, virtualization management suite, and tool suite to provide comprehensive virtualization capability support for cloud computing solutions.

Breaking monopoly ZTE wins China Telecom cloud computing project order

The iRAI cloud desktop system supports redirection of various common devices and virtual applications without IP methods, which can effectively save IP resources; meanwhile, it provides more reliable virtual machine connection methods and improves the success rate of connection. The cloud desktop system can also allocate multiple desktops and set different permissions for the same user by providing unified operation and maintenance management and decentralized and domain management.

ZTE said that it won the China Telecom cloud computing project order, breaking the traditional monopoly of international manufacturers.

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