Help us understand the current status of the solar photovoltaic industry

Before the seminar, I interviewed Chen Changtao, an engineer of Epps Power Supply (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

On December 20, 2012, the second solar photovoltaic key components technology and application seminar hosted by Big Bit Information Organization and undertaken by the Semiconductor Device Application Network (for details, please visit /guangfu_2j/about.html) will be held in Suzhou Xucheng Building, Jiangsu Province.

Interview before the second solar photovoltaic key components seminar

This seminar is the largest and most professional solar photovoltaic inverter and controller technology seminar in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference focuses on the production process, performance stability, cost control, and reliability of photovoltaic inverters and controllers. , Power conversion efficiency, photovoltaic grid-connected access technology, photovoltaic grid-connected power generation inverter technology, photovoltaic system design, testing and certification, as well as photovoltaic grid-connected power generation standards, critical components and other hot topic solutions to discuss and exchange, especially for Analyze the current status and future development trends of the solar photovoltaic industry.

The organizer, Dabit, specifically invited iSuppli, ST, Infineon, Brightking, EDOM, Xinke and other domestic and foreign, Hong Kong and Taiwan top solar inverter solution providers and industry experts to bring high, precise, sophisticated, The latest solar photovoltaic technology solutions are displayed in different cost-effective ways to the attending engineers and listeners for comprehensive reference and selection.

In addition, the meeting will combine the theme of the meeting to provide you with the best platform for reference and selection of solar photovoltaic inverter / controller IC products. Among them, Infineon, TI, ST, Microsemi, Junyao Electronics and other representative solution companies DEMO display of new products on site!

It is expected that more than 300 solar photovoltaic systems, solar inverters, solar charge / discharge controllers, photovoltaic application products, solution providers, device and other industry company management, engineering, research and development, design and other professionals will attend the meeting, let everyone once Analyze and communicate with the industry and IC technical solutions and other senior engineers on the development and technology of the solar photovoltaic market.

Before the seminar, Big Bit reporter interviewed Chen Changtao, an engineer of Epps Power Supply (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Epps Power Supply (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in Suzhou High-Tech Development Zone, China in August 2001. It is a company specializing in R & D, production, and sales of uninterruptible power supplies, variable frequency power supplies, regulated power supplies, solar inverter power supplies, rectifiers, etc. A company specializing in electronic equipment has an annual production capacity of 200 million yuan at the initial stage of production.

Chen Changtao, who had already participated in the conference before, told reporters excitedly: "The last solar photovoltaic seminar was quite good. I feel pretty good. It helped us to better understand the current status of the solar photovoltaic industry. The explanation of technology and new devices will also help us in product design and new device applications. "

Speaking of his impressions of Dabit Information, Chen Changtao said that Dabit Information's service is very good. In addition to the satisfactory service in the seminar, it also feels very good in terms of contact and appointment before the meeting.

The Solar Photovoltaic Seminar of Big Bit Information discussed and exchanged many hot topics in photovoltaic inverters and controllers. Chen Changtao said: "I will pay attention to all topics, because our company does The products serve the photovoltaic industry, so many aspects deserve our attention. "

When the reporter listed hot topics such as production process, performance stability, cost control, reliability, testing and certification, etc., Chen Changtao pointed out that Epps Power Supply (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in photovoltaic configuration power supply. Testing will naturally pay more attention to understanding the testing and certification related to this piece. He also added that recently, in the photovoltaic sector, foreign standards have undergone new changes, so he hopes to learn more about the relevant information in the seminar.

With regard to his views on the solar photovoltaic industry, Chen Changtao said that solar photovoltaic belongs to new energy, and its future is very good, because after all, the energy crisis is becoming more and more serious, and the direction of new energy is definitely not wrong. The prospect of solar photovoltaic application is very promising. Optimistic, and the government has also introduced some supporting policies, and its development prospects are very good.

At the end of the interview, Chen Changtao expressed his expectations for the participation: in this seminar, I hope to understand the current status of the solar photovoltaic industry after the reshuffle, as well as understand some new technologies and get some new R & D ideas .

About the second solar photovoltaic key components technology and application seminar:

1. This seminar focuses on the hot topics in photovoltaic inverters and controllers. The specific solutions and related hot topics are as follows:

1. Supply and demand situation and price trend of the global photovoltaic market in 2013

2. Design and implementation of solar inverter power supply

3. Application of power device technology in high efficiency inverter

4. Design scheme of compact multifunctional inverter

5. Solar charging control system based on pulse width modulation technology

6. Solar photovoltaic power generation system solution

7. Design to improve solar cell conversion efficiency

8. Design scheme of solar photovoltaic key components

2. All listeners can participate in the sweepstakes:

For more details, please stay tuned:

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