LED chip production capacity surged flip chip LED chip into a mainstream trend

In recent years, China, the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions around the world have successively implemented the “ban” policy. The market for LED energy-saving bulbs has been further promoted, and the prices of LED lighting products have continued to decline. These have directly led to the rapid increase in the penetration rate of LED lighting. . In the three to five years from 2014, the LED lighting industry will usher in explosive growth and enter the “golden three years”. The manufacturing technology of the upstream LED chip as the leading link and the corresponding packaging technology jointly determine the future development speed of LED in the field of lighting.

Flip LED chips should come out

With the continuous expansion of upstream chip production capacity, the packaging industry has entered the era of low profit, many companies in order to grab customers big price cards, fierce price competition and disordered industry ecological chain prompted the industry to start demanding new packaging technology.

The innovation and application of flip-chip LED chip technology with the advantages of improving luminous efficiency and improving heat dissipation capability is the focus of today's packaging companies.

Compared with the positive chip, Flip-chip has better heat dissipation function. At the same time, we have epitaxial design, chip process and chip graphic design suitable for flip-chip bonding. The chip products have the advantages of low voltage, high brightness, high reliability, high saturation current density, etc., and the integration of protection circuits on the flip-chip substrate can significantly improve the reliability and performance of the chip; Compared with the vertical structure, the flip-chip bonding method makes it easier to realize the ultra-high-power chip-level module and the multi-function integrated chip light source technology, and has great advantages in the yield and performance of the LED chip module. In terms of light efficiency, the flip-chip structure avoids light absorption and electrode shading of the conductive layer on the P electrode, and can also improve the light efficiency by providing a reflective layer on p-GaN.

In the long run, flip-chip will reduce the process of packaging and produce a certain squeeze on the packaging industry. In addition, flipping the chip may result in an increase in the driving power of the chip, which in turn reduces the actual consumption of the backlight for the lighting backlight application, and changes the long-term demand for the chip for the lighting application.

Domestic application of flip chip welding technology

As the earliest domestic application of flip chip bonding technology to Jingke Electronics on LED chips, after years of research and development and innovation, it has become a leading brand of high-power high-brightness LED integrated chips for mature flip-chip welding technology in China. Jingke Electronics adheres to the independent research and development innovation route, has outstanding core technology advantages, and has added more than 70 core technology patents obtained or passed the first trial. The products are widely used in commercial lighting, road lighting, urban lighting, architectural lighting, Indoor lighting, special lighting, etc. In 2013, it launched a "chip-level LED lighting overall solution", which can complete a part of the traditional packaging process or save the traditional packaging process through the new wafer-level process in the LED chip manufacturing process, so that the final package size of the LED is reduced. The performance is more stable.

Jingke Electronics said that if it is from the perspective of cost price, flip-chip LED chips are still more expensive than traditional dressing. Although it reduces the process of packaging, the process is more complicated; if the final lm/$ indicator Look, the flip chip LED chip heat dissipation and current distribution are better than the traditional dress LED, which can increase the current density and use it.

At the same time, Jingke is also the earliest enterprise in China to implement gold-free wire packaging based on flip-chip bonding technology. Among them, chip-level white light high-power LED light source products without gold wire package are at the leading level in the world.

At present, Jingke Electronics' products based on flip-chip process-free gold-line packaging platform involve high-power single crystal devices, COB modules, mobile phone flash lamps, direct-lit backlights, and optical components. Product brand is easy series: Yi Xing (3535), Yi Hui, Yi Xing, Yi Yao. Among them, Yixing has been included in the Guangdong Provincial Government procurement catalogue, and the Zhonglong Sichuan Tunnel Project using Yixing products has won 100 honors in global lighting engineering. It has been in the market for three years since its launch in 2011 and has been updated to the third generation. And in 2013, the product has passed LM80 certification and Guangdong standard optical component anion product certification.

The new series of easy-to-open series has created the era of gold-free wire packaging, and the high reliability guarantees the popularization of LED life, and at the same time leads the trend of technological innovation in the LED industry.

Continuous innovation breaks through technical bottlenecks

However, the development of new technologies is not smooth, and Jingke admits that there are some technical difficulties in the chip manufacturing process and chip packaging process. However, with years of technical accumulation and a high degree of intellectual property protection awareness, Jingke will have one in these two directions. A breakthrough.

Flip-chip LED technology currently has greater advantages in high-power products and integrated packaging. In small and medium-power applications, cost competitiveness is not very strong. Flip-chip technology is very mature in the field of IC, but in the LED exploration stage, this stage requires a lot of R&D investment, and the current strength of the general manufacturers is not enough to support. Dr. Xiao Guowei, the managing director of Jingke, believes that LED should reduce the cost of the system, improve the technology, master the high-end core technology, and improve the high added value of the product to make the product cost-effective, so that the enterprise can stand firm in the market and achieve long-term development.

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